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OCC Club Championships


1. Home Teams must confirm the match times with opponents. Even if it's the suggested time. It's a holiday season, everyone gets distracted! 

2. You must contact your opponents ASAP if you're not available to play on the suggested date. No shows results in a default. 

3. Home Team is listed first: 1vs4 or 3vs2.

In this case Teams 1 & 3 are home.

3. To get your opponents' phone numbers, go to CONTACTS and call the pro shop at 337-232-0223 for the password. 

4. Regular 2 set Scoring, with a 10pt Tiebreaker in case of a third set.

5. Tennis balls are provided for the tournament, just visit the pro shop before the match. 

Other frequently asked questions:

Is it a flex league type event?

Yes!  You will register with your partner for a 2-3 month season deal (depending on amount of players in your division). 

What are the dates?

- Club Championships Round Robins will start in November and will be completed in January. 

When will my match be scheduled?

- Each division has a suggested date and time scheduled.

What if I am not available for the suggested date?

 - If a team cannot commit to the suggested date, the match can be rescheduled. 

Do I need a partner?

- It is recommended to enter with a partner. Players without a partner, will be assigned one.  

How many divisions can I enter?

You can enter multiple divisions, as long as your body and your schedule can handle it! 

Who is in charge of make ups?

- Each matchup will have a designated Home Team. Home Teams are in charge of booking the courts for the make up, if necessary. 

What are the fees?

- The fee is $35 per player for the season 

- $10 fee for every additional division

What do fees include?

- 100% of the fee goes to balls, new OCC towel and awards for the champions. 

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