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OCC Club Championships

6 Key Reminders:

1. Home Teams must confirm the match times with opponents. Even if it's the suggested time. It's a holiday season, everyone gets distracted! 

2. You must contact your opponents ASAP if you're not available to play on the suggested date. No shows results in a default. 

3. Home Team is listed first: 1vs4 or 3vs2.

In this case Teams 1 & 3 are home.

4. To get your opponents' phone numbers, go to CONTACTS and call the pro shop at 337-232-0223 for the password. 

5. Scoring:

a) Tennis all divisions:

- Regular 2 set Scoring, with a 10pt Tiebreaker in case of a third set.

b) Pickleball Scoring:

- "Championship Division": Best of 5 sets (First to 3 sets)

- "A Division": Best of 5 sets (First to win 3 sets)

- "Women's 3.5 Division" - Best of 3 sets (First to win 2 sets)

6. Tennis balls are provided for the tournament, just visit the pro shop before the match. 

Other Info:

- It is a Flex League Format - you play when it's convenient for you and your opponents. However, you do have a suggested time and date. Therefore, if suggested time suits everyone, there is no need to do anything, as court is already reserved:

- Timeline to reschedule: We use an honor system, and there are no defaults for not rescheduling a match in time. All matches must be played to determine true Club Champion. Rare exceptions may apply (such as injury, relocation etc.)

- If rescheduling, please let the pro shop know, so we can give the court away. 


- All draws are Round Robin, and everyone will play everyone else in their division.

- Winner is decided by: Most wins, H2H In a 2way tie, Least Sets Lost In a 2 way tie.

Regular Season Dates:

  • Draws are made and First rounds can be schedule after the Veterans Day Scramble November 11th. 

  • All regular matches can be rescheduled but must be played before the USTA Spring League begins.

  • Playoffs can be scheduled at a later time. 


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