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OCC Club Championships

Key Reminders:

1.  Rounds 1 & 2 of each round robin will be scheduled between November 20th and December 17th, 2023. 

2. Team's who are not available, have until January 14th, 2024 to complete the round. 

3. Home teams responsibility:

- must confirm the times with opponents

- must book their court with the pro shop

- Home teams are teams on the left from "vs." (home vs. away). 1vs4 or 3vs2.

4. To get your opponents' phone numbers, go to CONTACTS and call the pro shop at 337-232-0223. 

5. Scoring

- Regular scoring, with a full 3rd set (New)

6. Club Championship balls are provided, just visit the pro shop before the match. 

7. Cost: roughly $15 per year (doubles). The ball and awards expenses are split among all doubles participants, who played minimum 1 match. Singles players are charged for balls only. 


- All draws are Round Robin, and everyone will play everyone else in their division.

- Winner is decided by: Most wins, H2H In a 2way tie, Least Sets Lost in a 2 way tie.

Other Info:

- After first 2 rounds are played it becomes a Flex League Format - you play when it's convenient for you and your opponents. We plan to finish the final rounds during the summer season during Ladies Nights and Men's Nights.

Regular Season Dates:

  • Draws are made and First two rounds are scheduled after the Veterans Day Scramble November 11th. 

  • First two rounds make ups (if any) must be completed before USTA League starts.

  • Playoffs for most divisions are planed for summer season. 


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