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Tournament Info

Tournament Format


- Team Tournament of 6 players (7th sub highly recommended)


- Scoring is regular 2 sets with a 10pt Regular TB in 3rd set 

- Each court is worth 1 point. Team with majority courts won - gets a "Team Win"


Who advanced Round Robin in case of a tie?

- Team with most "Team Wins" in division goes to Sunday Finals.

- If 2 teams have a record of 2-1, Head to Head between those teams will be counted.

- If 3 teams share a 2-1 record, then the following order is used to determine the division winners:

1) Individual matches (courts) won, if tied then:

2) Least sets lost, if tied then:

3) Least games lost.

What if my team needs a sub?

- Email for the list of players who may be on a standby to avoid defaults. 

- You are welcome to find your own sub last minute.

- Therefore, we recommend for teams to bring a 7 player roster.

Can my sub be a higher level even though we are playing in a 3.5 division?

- Yes, however, you must notify the tournament desk and the opponent before the match. The line with higher rated players will count as a loss. 


Ladies – 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, Open              

All divisions have a limited draw

Men – 3.5, 4.0, Open                        

All divisions have a limited draw


- Online registration and payments for non members open December 1st for Crawfish Classic and May 1st for Team E. 

- Oakbourne Teams pay through OCC accounts

- Registration deadline - when full. It usually takes 3-4 weeks from the opening day for registration to fill up. 


Rating Rules:

Teams must play in the division of their highest ranked player. 

Example: Teams with five 3.5 players and one 4.0 player must play in the 4.0 division

What is included in the Team fee?

  • Three Matches (Weather Permitting / Defaults count as a match)

  • Locally hand designed Tournament Drifit Long sleeve shirt 

  • Friday evening Jambalaya (Oakbourne)

  • Lunch Saturday (Oakbourne) 

  • Saturday Night Shrimp Boil Provided by C’est Bon (Oakbourne) along with many other local flavors

  • Saturday Night Party, "Parade Route Party Band" (Oakbourne)

  • Saturday Night beer truck (Oakbourne)

  • Lunch Sunday (Oakbourne)

  • Beers, soft drinks and snacks throughout the weekend (all sites)

  • Prizes for each Member of the Winning Team

Age limits:  

All Players must be at least 21 years or older

-------Please remember this is an adult function!!!!

As much as we love to have kids around our facility

- this is a KID FREE WEEKEND.

No Children allowed on any of the sites throughout the weekend)--------


Entry deadline: When full (Expected within 2 weeks from the publishing date)

**First round will be played on Friday anytime from from 12pm to 6pm**

Match Times:  

Draws and Schedules will be posted on this website under "Draws"


Team captains are encouraged to save the website on their phones for all tournament updates:



Tournament Address: 

Oakbourne Country Club   (Main Site)

3700 E. Simcoe ST. Lafayette, LA 70501

Tournament email:



Tournament Director:    Janusz Conradi                     

Tournament Committee: Oakbourne Tennis Association

Tournament Phone:      337-232-0223              

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